I’ve been in the process of creating a website for years now and I wasn’t exactly sure what to make it about and what should it be. I knew I wanted to have a place where people can come to get in touch with me, learn about me and have everything me-related in one place.

The only person standing in your way of success is you!

this place is home to everything I want to share with you. as a former high level athlete, it’s become my mission to help myself and others to successfully grow from being an athlete to your new life. it’s no joke. I know for myself. no matter if you were a successful athlete or not, the transition is real. and it can hit you real hard. you don’t even have to be an athlete to be able to relate. changing paths in life and starting over is extremely hard.

over the years I have found ways for myself on how to make the transition exciting and something that I cherish a lot. this website is created keeping that in mind and I’d love to create a community to share my guidance and hope many can be helped by this.

Do it with passion or not at all!

my youtube channel is something I started in 2020. at first it was a place where I shared my story of having several eating disorders. now it has grown to my life channel, where I share everything from skating to my daily routines.

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