My name is Johanna Allik.

I was born in a small Eastern-European country Estonia. I have an older sister and loving parents. being a very energetic child, I started skating when I was just five years old.

I started as a single skater, but after getting injured in 2010 I continued to do ice dance for several years. I returned to single skating 2015 and stopped competing in December 2017. My best results are from 2015-2017 when I won several medals at ISU competitions and I was a member of Estonian National Team for 10 years!

  • After quitting competitive figure skating I’ve been sharing my time between giving back to the skating community. I have a brand called JIV Sport with my mother and we produce skating clothes in Estonia.
  • In my free time I am a freelance skating coach, choreographer, and I work with coaches worldwide.
  • I became an advocate of eating disorders after coming clean and sharing my story of my struggles with eating disorders.
  • I also do face to face life coaching sessions for anyone struggling to change life paths.

Experience in figure skating

My first coach was Anna Kondrašova-Levandi.

I trained with her til 2009. She gave me all the basic skills. With her I landed my first triple jumps and double axel when I was 10 years old. My double axel has perfect technique and hasn’t changed since I first landed  it. During Anna I also worked with Viktor and Marina Kudriavtsev, Evgeni Loutkov. They helped me with technique. For choreography I worked with SandraSchaer(SUI). I also worked with Tiiu Valgemäe for 2 seasons!

Ice dance

In Ice dance I competed for 2 seasons and took part in Junior World Championships. Ice dance helped me improve posture, skating skills, expression, balance. I learnt many new steps and overall I think every single skater should work with ice dancers! I moved to ice dance, due to an injury, which didn’t let me  jump.

Singles career after ice dance

After returning to single skating I started working with Elena Glebova. We started from zero. I hadn’t jumped for 5 years or competed in singles. We managed to get all triple jumps with one summer. During the summer 2015 in addition to Elena, I also worked with Craig Maurizi and Igor Krokavec in New Jersey, USA next to Nikolai Morozov and top athletes in the world.

Season 2015-16 I choreographed my programs myself, in 2016-17 my programs were choreographed by Canadian Mark Pillay(he also worked with Emmi Peltonen, Karen Chen, Kevin Reynolds,etc) and myself. Both seasons my programs got great recognition and components score. Before season 2017 I also worked with Florent Amodio and Nikolai Morozov on technique and program choreography in France.

Skills in figure skating

High level skating skills, my steps have been valued to level 4 and all my spins are level 4. I can jump and teach all triples and 2Axel. I have trained 3A myself with Mr. Loutkov. I’m very talented in choreography. All my programs have a part of my own choreography in them and I’m very passionate about dancing. I have gathered information from the top coaches in the world, which gives me great advantage.


List of the coaches I have worked with on ice: Singles: Anna Kondrašova-Levandi, Marina and Viktor Kudriavtsev, Evgeni Loutkov, Tiiu Valgemäe, Igor Pashkevich, Igor Lyutikov, Mark Pillay, Igor Krokavec, Craig Maurizi, Elena Glebova, Florent Amodio, Nikolai Morozov. Ice Dance: Angelika Krylova, Pasquale Camerlengo, Massimo Scali, Irina Zhuk, Muriel Zazoui, Barbara Fusar Poli, Megan and Aaron Lowe.